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DESA Holistic Wellbeing For Women was born, to become a online hub to allow you to gain clarity and receive intuitive guidance. Do you need intuitive counselling? Psychic/medium guidance in your life? With our eclectic approach, you will gain insight to what you need and want.

Psychic/medium and tarot readings combined, and intuitive counselling can be done via our Instagram and Facebook account. These can be also conducted in written form sent to you via email. We have got you covered.

All bookings and payments are done online.

If you have any questions, or send us an email. Our contact details are at the bottom of our website.

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Desanka- DESA Holistic Wellbeing For Women



Desanka Ogrizovic

Bachelor in Counselling (2020)

Diploma In Counselling (major in child development and effective parenting skills)

Diploma in Beauty Therapy

Experience in infant/toddler sleep and settling child development

Psychic/ Medium/ Empath

Desanka has 10 plus years counselling experience, and psychic/medium abilities since I was a child. 

 Desanka's focus is to provide an online holistic well being service for people to learn to integrate self-care and self-love in their lives. 

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Services we offer

Our holistic intuitive counselling and psychic/medium online sessions begin and end with a Tibetan singing bowl chiming to clear energy. I will also do a colour therapy tarot card at the beginning and give you the definition of that colour at the end of the session. 

INTUITIVE COUNSELLING $90 (1 hour) in person or by either an online Zoom video call, Instagram or Facebook call.

Intuitive counselling is an in-depth exploration of what underlies the challenges one faces at present. The sessions normally include some spiritual guidance, clairvoyance, counselling, and mentoring. Each session aims to help the person identify their blocks, internal conflicts, limited beliefs and patterns of behaviour. Causing them issues in their life. My way of providing intuitive counselling is I use an eclectic approach, where I like to do experiential therapeutic modalities to bring out the best in each session.

Psychic/ Medium readings online via Instagram or Facebook video call.

Needing spiritual guidance? Look no further. Book online via the treatment menu below.

VIDEO CALL (FB, Instagram) or prices:

Price: $70.00 (30 minutes) or $110 for 1 hour.


5 minute email reading (1 question) $15

10 minute email reading (2 questions) $30

15 minute email reading (3 questions) $45

20 minute email reading (4 questions) $60

Email written coffee cup reading $40.

If you have Turkish coffee, make yourself a cup, drink the coffee not the thick sauce, tip the cup upside down and swirl the cup 3 times, then leave the cup upside down on a tissue to dry. After 5 minutes take a photo of the inside of the cup, attach to an email with three questions and I will tell you what I see for you. 

Self-care is important. Get in touch with us today!!!


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